Just as a warning, today’s post turned into less of a Single Dad Laughing post and more of a “Single Dad Droning On and On to the Point it can be Considered Whining” kind of a post.

Anyways, winter is usually my favorite season for a lot of different reasons. This year, it has just felt so BLEH to me though. It’s felt dirty, it’s felt bitterly cold, and it’s felt long.

My poor little front porch bear agrees with me, I guarantee it.

Perhaps it’s because this year I have a dog who is too small to be let outside on his own. The one time I tried it, he squeezed through the cast iron posts on my fence and took off like a bat out of hell. It took me the better part of 45 minutes to track him down, and I swear he was laughing at me when I finally did. Because of that, every time B.B. has had to piddle or poop (which is 3-5 times per day), I find myself standing out in the middle of my yard, begging our A.D.D. pooch to hurry and get after his business. Living a mile above sea level, that means I’m often standing in deep snow, below freezing winds, and nasty wet weather pelting down on me.

On top of that, I still haven’t gone to do very many of my favorite winter things. I haven’t been skiing, I haven’t been inner-tubing, and I haven’t built any snowmen with Noah. The weather has been so up and down that the snow has always been too wet or too dry to have much fun with Noah, which means we’ve both been cooped up inside all winter. There’s no doubt about it. Cabin fever is starting to set in.

So, in an effort to change my attitude and not forget why winter is so great, I hereby give you my list of ten damn good reasons why winter is awesome.

  1. Skiing. Skiing. Skiing.
  2. Inner-tubing (there’s this awesome place about an hour away that has rope tows and everything).
  3. Hot chocolate. Let’s be honest, it’s the only time of year it’s awesome.
  4. Christmas. Usually.
  5. New Years Parties. Always.
  6. Snowmen.
  7. Sweaters. For sure. Any excuse to bring out the argyle.
  8. Snuggling. Snuggling with somebody you love in the winter is so much more fun. Am I right?
  9. The fireplace. When you can mix #2 with #8 while a hot fire blasts warm air across the top of you… Yeah. That’s good stuff.
  10. The gorgeous outdoors. Let’s be honest, can you really beat the beauty of a fresh, deep snowfall? The answer is no… especially when you live next to the mountains.
Okay, that was tough for me to come up with all ten. Other years, I bet I could come up with 50 or more. And even though I did manage to come up with ten, more than half of them were reasons I usually love winter. I either haven’t done #1, 2, 4, 6, 8, or 9 the way I usually would or I haven’t done them at all.
I miss sitting on my awesome rocking bench, soaking in the rays of a warm sun.
Those who visit my house, I’m sure, miss not having to snowshoe in order to get there.
I officially declare it time for spring to spring. Bring out the flowers. Bring out the green grass. Bring out the baby animals. Bring out the garden tools and the lawn mower. I’ll happily clean the garage. I’ll happily fix busted sprinklers. I’ll happily pick up a winter’s worth of dog doo.
And I’ll very happily trade my argyle sweaters in for a trip to the park with Noah.
Dan Pearce, Single Dad Definitely Whining
PS. Any of you getting winter cabin fever? Anybody else feeling the BLEH this year? Or is it just me? Also, what do you love or hate about winter?
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