On Saturday night, I had my friends Dave, Laura, and Kess over for some good clean fun which included hair dryers, video cameras, excavation lights, dancing, green screens, and a little Ace of Base (yeah… remember them?). Because sometimes it’s just fun to have fun.

By the end of the video, Dave and I were sweating like crazy. The girls, well, they didn’t even crack a single bead of perspiration. Not fair!

I have rock star friends. Seriously. Oh, and if you want to watch it, here’s our last Sometimes it’s just fun to have fun video.
Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing
PS. I’d love to hear your comments today! When’s the last time you had friends over and just had some silly fun? Do you ever have friends over and dance just to dance? What did you do this past weekend to make it awesome?
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