I knew this day was coming. I’ve been hoping it would be some time from now (or a lot of time) before it did. And I was never exactly sure how I would handle it when I actually had to.

Yep… Noah pulled the old “Chappy wouldn’t make me” trick. The little stinker.

Chappy is Noah’s step-dad (as you’ll remember from the This Dad That Dad post.

Noah was in watching Lion King, his favorite movie of the moment. I was in cleaning the kitchen and he came trotting over. “Dad, can I have some chocolate milk?”

“Sure,” I said. “But you have to drink it here in the kitchen.

He instantly went into his life as I know it is about to end routine, squinting his eyes, whining, and shifting his weight back and forth. “I want to drink it in there while I watch a movie!”

“You bet. When you’re ten years old.” His eyes squinted tighter. His whining increased. His shifting accelerated. Then, one big, giant, huge, enormous, gargantuan, solid… HUFF.

“Uuuhhhggg. Chappy wouldn’t make me drink my chocolate milk in the kitchen,” he said, eyeballing me with hesitation after pulling his new trick.

It was my eyes that squinted this time. Did he really just say that? “What’d you just say?”

“I saaaaiiiiidddd, Chappy wouldn’t make me drink my chocolate milk in the kitchen!”  Noah stood as tall and as proud as I’d ever seen him. He obviously had decided this was a great route to get what he wanted.

I looked at him, somewhat annoyed, somewhat proud of him for figuring out this tactic all on his own. “Well, if Chappy would let you drink your chocolate milk in the TV room, I better let you do it, too.”

“Really?” he said cautiously optimistic.

“Yep. When you’re ten years old. Can you count to ten for me? Show me how many years ten is.”

Needless to say, he wasn’t too happy with me right about then. He never did count to ten, either.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. I can only assume this is a universal kid thing, no matter if parents are divorced or still married. How do you handle it when it comes up?