Well, after searching high and low, Noah and I have finally found the perfect dog to become “one of the boys.” But how to introduce him? How to sell you on having him as part of the permanent SDL clan? How to make you fall in love with this 55 lb. tank of a dog?

I could take the cheesy route and post some ridiculously sappy photos of me with him. Isn’t that what avid pet owners do? (click any image to enlarge)

But… that’s not really my style. So… I put on my marketing hat and thought… yes… a pretty girl. A pretty girl will sell anything, even an ugly ol’ Bulldog with a serious gas problem.

And as cute as my friend Lolita is, could it ever be as effective as the world’s cutest kid selling you on him?

But in the end, I realized that maybe the only one who needed to sell you on Buddha was… Buddha.

Yeah, I think he can hold his own just fine.

This is Buddha. Buddha is a three-year old English Bulldog, and he’s just about the awesomest ever.

And the best part… there ain’t no way he’s fitting his fat butt through those damn fence posts.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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