This time of year… it’s awesome for a lot of reasons. Frustrating for one very big one. That damn thermostat.

Half the time it needs to be set to heat, the other half of the time it needs to be set to cool, and never does it stay put in any one place for very long.

It’s generally 3 AM when I realize I’m freezing to death, which means anybody else in the house is probably freezing to death as well. So, I throw on some sweat pants, head downstairs, and toggle it to heat, cursing the house for dropping below sixty degrees. I then promise myself that I’ll remember to turn the heat off once the sun comes up again.

The next afternoon it’s usually about 3 PM when I realize the house is scorching hot, which means anybody else in the house is probably burning to death as well. So, I shed a few layers, head to that damn thermostat and toggle it to cool, cursing the house for rising to eighty degrees. I then promise myself that I’ll remember to turn the AC off once the sun goes down again.

Four years ago I purchased a new thermostat. It toggles between heat and cool by itself, no need for me to run manual interference.

It’s still in the package, waiting to be opened.

Problem is, the seasons only change twice each year, and if those changes come and go, I no longer have any need to switch out the thermostat. As it has happened, for four years I have always been too busy, always procrastinated, and always promised myself that tomorrow would be the day I install the new thermostat. And, of course, it never happens.

This year, I’m trying something different. I’m going to keep whining and moaning about it, but never promise myself that tomorrow I’ll install it. That way, I won’t have myself to blame when it doesn’t get done. If I had to guess, I’ll probably still be looking at that unopened thermostat ten years from now.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS, anybody else have thermostat blues when the temperature starts drastically changing? Is it a desert thing or does this happen everywhere?

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