As I was digging deep into Google to put together the “Real Dan Pearce” post, I found not just one, but two past blogs that I once started, wrote a few entries, and then for some reason stopped. Funny thing is, I had completely forgotten that either one of them ever existed. So, this week I thought I’d share some of those blog posts with you (some have been slightly edited).

The Three-Day Conversation

Have you ever noticed that a fifteen second conversation can take up to three days when you have more than one kid?

Generally, this is how it goes around these parts…

“Yes?” she says.
“Hold on. Noah! Sit down buddy. You’re gonna get hurt.” Then, a common statement… “Sorry about that.”
“It’s okay,” she says.
“Anyway, I was, oh crap! Taya! Go wash your hands before you touch ANYTHING!” Then another “Sorry about that.”
“Don’t worry,” she says.

“Ha ha, anyway, I was thinking maybe this Saturday we could… Urg… Noah, not right now buddy. Daddy’s trying to talk to mommy.”
“Sorry baby.”
“That’s okay.”
“So, I was thinking on Saturday we could all go…” “Taya, what did we say about doing that?”

At this point, we would generally start having a seven to eight minute debate with whoever the last child was to steal our attention, usually ending in tears and time out, at which point, we would completely forget about the conversation we were attempting to have.

“Oh hon, I just realized we never finished talking about Saturday!”
“Oh yeah!” she says.
“So, I was thinking this Saturday maybe we could go to the…”
“Hold on, did you just hear little kiddie footsteps? I think somebody’s out of bed. Paper rock scissors who has to go check.”

“So, Saturday, I was thinking we could all pile in the car and drive down to Salt Lake. They have this…”
“Daddy, Noah hit me!”
“Noah, say sorry and don’t hit your sister.”
“DADDDY! Noah hit me again!”
“Noah, don’t hit or you’ll get a time out.”

And, lots of tears and tantrums and two kids sent to their rooms.

Once again, Daddy and Mommy forget about the Saturday conversation.

She says, “What should we do today baby?”

“I don’t know. Can’t really think of anything. It seems like I had something that sounded fun, but I can’t remember now. Why don’t we just hang out at home?”


Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

Originally posted on another, forgotten blog.

PS. Ever had conversations like this? Ever ended up forgetting what you originally wanted to talk about? If you’re a parent, I’m guessing the answer is an automatic yes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the Lost Archives this week. Back to regular old SDL tomorrow. 🙂