There’s this place that I know of. It’s a place that I like to go. It’s my special place. A place that others rarely want to be. A place that I usually have all to myself.

Others steer clear of this place like the plague. They put crazy amounts of effort into avoiding this place, even though anybody who wants to can easily make it their place as well.

I’m talking about the back of the parking lot.

I always park there, and it’s not just because I have a big truck. Even when I was driving a teeny tiny Scion xa, I would park as far back as I possibly could. I have my reasons.

It drives other people crazy. “Why are you parking clear back here when there are spaces further up?” I just laugh and ask them if eight seconds of extra walking is really all that horrible. It literally takes only seconds more to get from the back of the parking lot to the store instead of from the middle or the front of the parking lot to the store.

Yet some people spend obscene amounts of time driving around, trying to find something close. They’ll wait 30 seconds, a minute, two minutes, five minutes, or however long it takes for another customer to load up their groceries, get in, get buckled, and pull out.


If they would have pulled straight in and parked in the back without ever looking for another spot, they’d be ahead by a minute or two by the time they started their shopping. They’d also have burned an extra calorie or two, stretched their leg muscles a little more, and felt a little better.

The other day I was driving with my friends to a popular pizza place. I started driving to the back of the next parking lot over, not wanting to deal with Friday night restaurant parking. Immediately, all three friends began shouting their disdain for the distance we’d all have to walk to get to the restaurant. One insisted that maybe I should have let them out at the curb before I parked.

So, I timed it. Thirty-nine seconds to walk from the place I parked to the restaurant’s front doors.

That included stopping half-way and asking if anybody needed a break. They all just rolled their eyes at me. I get that a lot.

I know I’m not alone in this. I’m just mostly alone. There are usually one or two other cars parked clear in the back. And, while I have convinced many of my friends that driving slow on the freeway isn’t all that bad, I have yet to convince any of my friends that parking at the back of the parking lot isn’t all that bad either.

What do you all think? Does anybody else do it? Am I alone in it? You should seriously try it a few times. I bet you’ll find that it becomes habit.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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