I always have to laugh at the funny and witty things that people post on the internet. One of my favorites just came across my Facebook page again.  I’ve seen it off an on in one form or another for years and I always smile.  The line is, “have you ever noticed that anyone who drives slower than you is a moron and anyone who drives faster than you is an idiot?” I just saw it on Facebook again, and I thought it would be fun to come up with other one-liners along those same lines. I hope you’ll join in! So, here are a list of one-liners courtesy of SDL. Feel free to share them to your heart’s content.

“Have you ever noticed that anybody who’s less intelligent than you is stupid and anybody who’s more intelligent than you is a super-geek?”

“Have you ever noticed that anybody who is promoted above you at work doesn’t deserve to be where they’re at and anybody below you deserves to be exactly where they’re at?
“Have you ever noticed that anybody who knows more about computers than you do is a guru and anybody who knows less about computers is inept?”
“Have you ever noticed that anybody who eats more healthy than you do is an extremist and anybody who eats worse than you is a pig?”

“Have you ever noticed that anybody who dresses better than you is a prude and anybody who dresses worse than you is a slob?

“Have you ever noticed that anybody who shows more of their body than you do is too liberal and anybody who shows less is too conservative?
“Have you ever noticed that anybody who is fatter than you did it to themselves and everyone skinnier is to obsessed with keeping off the weight?
“Have you ever noticed that nurture is always to blame when another kid is worse behaved than your kid and nature is always responsible when another kid is better behaved than your kid.
“Have you ever noticed that anybody who is better at a sport than you spends way too much time doing it and anybody who is worse at a sport than you doesn’t spend near as much time practicing as they should?”
“Have you ever noticed that anybody who has more money than you is a workaholic and anybody who has less money than you is lazy?”
“Have you ever noticed that anybody who is more popular than you is too obsessed with approval from others and anybody who is less popular than you has a damn good reason why they’re not?”
Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing
So what did I miss or how would you rephrase some of these in a funnier way? Do you think most of the world places themselves into the immediate center of acceptability or do you think most people gauge themselves honestly?
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