Thought I’d check back in with y’all from across the pond.
You know, every time I’ve come to England to visit my brother and his family in the past, I’ve spent crazy amounts of time and money touring, sightseeing, and getting the full English experience.
This time, however, I’m really enjoying relaxing, going on walks (when the rainy weather clears up long enough), and taking occasional and minor side trips with the kids to see some of the more local places.
We did take one day to visit Brighton, one of my favorite places in England. I can’t come to the UK without eating my Brighton Pier donuts, a basket of fish and chips (with extra malt vinegar), and enjoying a day on the stony beaches of that incredible city. People watching in Brighton is one of my favorite things to do here.
Another day we hopped over to a local farm and let the kids each pick a basket of strawberries.
Other than that, it’s just… been… chill. Which is just the way I wanted it this trip! So… enjoy a few more of the pictures from our trip so far! Click any image to enlarge.
My brother Eric on the left. Me on the right. Yeah, we’re sexy.
Feeding the ducks… fun in any country.
What manlier place to run when the ducks get scary
than to Daddy’s manpris.
Noah’s big thing in pictures lately is drama of any sort!
Sticks. Also cool in any country.
Sorry pal. You ride the spinny things alone.
Noah got a big kick out of the cart escalators.
So did Dad.
Nothin’ like finding that perfect strawberry.
Uncle Eric plays “capture the kid” with Noah and his new friends.
Noah and his new pet frog. Still trying to convince
him that taking it home isn’t a good idea.
Of course Noah made me be the girl.
Noah with his cousin and his cousin’s cousin.
This is chillaxing at its finest.
Everywhere we went, Noah wanted to ride the mechanical rides.
Everybody wanted to go get “candy floss.”
Took seeing it to understand they meant cotton candy.
How much do you love England, Noah?
My brother’s brother-in-law feeding his leftover chips to the seagulls.
The ocean on one’s feet. Is there anything more wonderful?
Daddy and uncle Eric take the kids to play in the waves.
Noah followed Uncle Eric’s lead and rolled down the steep rock hill.
Uncle Eric… Noah sure is loving his time with him.
It took some convincing to help Noah believe that kids swimming
in their undies in England is perfectly normal.
Like I said. Sexy. Dead sexy.
Uncle Eric has sacrificed the entire trip, wedging himself between the cars eats.
I love you too, buddy.
I’ve never seen such gutsy little kids.
Like I said. Drama.
On the quest for the biggest strawberry.
These two have been inseparable this trip.
I’m not sure if I’m eating the strawberry or Noah.
The kids have loved being the drivers during many of our trips.
Until next time. Adios.
Actually, make that cheers.
Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing
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