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Yesterday was the annual London to Brighton Bike Ride, a charity event here in England in which thousands and thousands of people ride their bikes from London all the way down to Brighton (54 miles or something like that). My sister-in-law Leanne has been training for it for some time now, and at the last minute a spot opened up on her team so my brother Eric decided to join them.

The route passed by not too far from where these guys live, so the plan was for my brother to call me when they were about half an hour away, and I would walk the couple miles with Noah to go cheer them on.
Well, either we were slow walkers, or they were really slow bike riders, but we never did see them. We stayed and watched bikes passing for about an hour and a half with no sign of them. And, since I don’t have a working cell phone, that was that.
I did have my camera though, and after watching a group of men dressed as old ladies, a santa claus, and several other silly costumed people ride through, I decided to start catching a few of them with my camera.
Noah and I parked on the corner and started our “who can find Eric and Leanne first” contest. Noah had his magic wand which he was using to help keep the rain away.
At first while we were waiting, I was having fun taking photos of random passerbys, panning with them on a slow shutter speed for added effect. I’m sure they were wondering who the weirdo with the camera was.
After taking a few dozen of those shots (most of them not working out at all), I decided I better fine-tune my camera settings to what I would need when Eric and Leanne showed up. So, I decided to take some pictures of some of the more interesting people passing through.
The first thing I noticed (and loved) was that people of every size, shape, race, gender, and age were riding the London to Brighton bike ride.
Besides the people of every shape and size, there were bikes of every shape and size.
Yeah I know, I added this picture twice. But check out the bike. What a setup!
While I was testing the settings of my camera I took this photograph:
Seconds later I was taking these:
A little later, these…
Paramedic motorbike
And, after all that, some more people “dressed all silly” finally started showing up again. Of course, the vast majority of people were wearing regular old, everyday biking attire.
Then it got sillier…
And sillier…
And sillier…
We were sad to never see Eric and Leanne (and team) pass through, but we had a lot of fun people watching.
Eric and Leanne do assure me, though, that they finished the race, and had a great time doing it!


Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing
PS. Which was your favorite picture from today?
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