Did you happen to read my post about manpris a few weeks back, and why I think we really need to bring the fashion full swing? Well… I have some more ammo to back it up.

Last weekend I got to tag along as my brother went through the process to be in his first cage fight. Yeah, you heard right, my brother is a cage fighter.

Now, call me crazy, but is there any sport in the world more manly than cage fighting? I mean, it makes boxing look like a gentlemen’s sport.

I’ll be posting about Eric’s big fight when he gets me the photos, but I couldn’t help but share this with you in the meantime.

We went to the weigh-in where all the fighters show up and step on the scale to make sure they’re under the max weight for their fight later that night. While there, I took this picture…


Did you miss that? Look a little closer. The guy on the right… he’s wearing MANPRIS!

Talk about ammo! This guy isn’t just some random guy. He’s the guy over there. He was in charge of the entire event. He’s a big time MMA trainer over there! He’s freakin’ He-Man.


And I didn’t get pictures, but in that room (you know… the room full of fighters), two other guys were wearing manpris (no, I wasn’t one of them. Sadly.) One was a fighter. One was a photographer.

Still think they’re not manly?

Tell that to the guy with muscles the size of Kansas up there.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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