Well, yesterday was the one year anniversary of the day the girls split. Frankly, I have a hard time believing that it’s only been one year. It certainly feels like it’s been a lot longer than that. Writing a post like this, I’m bound to be emotional. I hope you don’t mind me getting overly personal today.

Just this morning I was reminded of a recurring question that has plagued me for the past year. There seems to be no rational answer, yet I want one. Badly.

But, I guess when you go through a divorce, there are some things that never get answered, and that’s something every divorced person has to deal with.

My question is simple. Where do they come from? 

This morning, I was vacuuming the house as I do every week. And, just as it happens every week, the sound of something unvacuumable getting sucked into the vacuum rollers brought my happy housecleaning to an unhappy halt. I turned off the vacuum and flipped it over, already knowing what I was going to find. And, sure enough… A bobby pin.

I rolled my eyes. Where? Where do they come from? Every time I vacuum I somehow suck up a bobby pin or two. I vacuum every week, and I vacuum the same places! Every time I find one, I toss it in the garbage. How could such a thing even be possible? My house is pretty clean most of the time. I just don’t understand.

I understood when the girls were living here. They both used bobby pins every day. But now? Where do they come from? It’s one of the universe’s greatest mysteries to me. It’s my #1 unanswered question that still lingers.

I also don’t understand how there is always an unending amount of female hair being sucked into my vacuum. Every couple months I have to take the vacuum head apart, and yank off all of the long blonde and red hair from the roller so that it can function properly again. Where does the hair come from? Sure, I have the occasional female visitor in my home, but I’ve yet to have a red head in the house in the past year. The hair is my #2 unanswered question.

I’m hoping that I’ll stop finding bobby pins in the next year or two. I’m hoping the hair will all disappear. I’m also not holding my breath that either of those phenomenas will come to an end or be answered.

This burden is mine to carry, and mine alone.

Divorce is an ugly thing. A very ugly thing.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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