Have any of you ever found yourself victims of “the awkward pull-over?”

Here’s how the awkward pull-over goes down.

  1. The driver of a car pulls over to park against a curb.
  2. A pedestrian who happens to be walking on the sidewalk thinks the driver is pulling over to talk to him (or her).
  3. The pedestrian stands there all awkwardly looking at the driver, waiting for him to roll down his window or get out to talk to him (or her), wondering who this weirdo in the car is.
  4. The driver wonders what this crazy person is doing standing there staring at him (or her).
  5. After a nice long awkward moment, the driver gets out, and stares down the pedestrian, waiting for the pedestrian to explain his (or her) awkward behavior.
  6. The pedestrian suddenly realizes what’s going on.
  7. The driver suddenly realizes what’s going on.
  8. Both the driver and the pedestrian awkwardly laugh, give a half-nod, and walk away.
That’s happened to me three times in as many months. All three times I was the driver. It has happened to me more than once as a pedestrian in the past. All I have to say is… AWKWARD!
Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing
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