I have to laugh. A lot. Many readers have emailed me over the past eleven months and shared some very random, very interesting, and sometimes very scary dreams they had that I was in. Today, I just want to share some of those emails with you. I edited a few of them for typos and grammar.


“So I just had to share a dream I had last night that you were in. I dreamt that I was riding a bus in the city (which is weird cause I don’t ever ride the bus), and I looked over and you were sitting there with your Boston hat covering your eyes, trying not to be noticed. I was trying to decide whether or not to say hi, and when I looked at you again, you had taken your t-shirt off and were trying to convince some homeless guy that he should trade shirts with you. You noticed that I was looking at you and you said, “what?! Haven’t you ever seen a dad trade shirts with a bum? You were mad, so I hurried and got off the bus.”

“Dan, this may be very inappropriate, but I have a bone to pick with you. The other night I had a dream that I came home from work and you were standing on my front porch waiting for me. We’d never met but we started making-out without ever talking. It was crazy but so fun, and when we were done, neither one of us said anything, and you smiled and walked out the front door. And that was the whole dream. So thanks for making out with me, and thanks for taking over my dreams. I know you did it on purpose.”

“Hi Dan, I usually don’t write to total strangers, but I had a dream that you were in and it FREAKED me out!!! I dreamed that you were chasing me with a light saber (I don’t even like Star Wars!) and were ready to kung-fu my ***. I kept doing all these crazy moves to get away from you, but you kept getting closer and closer. At one point, I jumped over a goat (a goat???) and you tried to hit me with the light saber, but you hit the goat instead and chopped him in half. The goat just looked at me with a mad face like I did it on purpose. I wanted to help the goat, but you weren’t stopping. At some point your light saber turned into a giant pencil and you were trying to stab me with it. Eventually, you pinned me to the ground, and right before you punched the pencil into my belly I woke up. Ya. I was really freaked out. I couldn’t read your blog for a couple days, but in the end I decided to forgive you.”

“I gotta get this off my chest. This may sound weird since we’ve never met, but I keep having thisĀ recurringĀ dream that you’re in, and I always dream that we are in a relationship, and we are cuddling on this couch when you ask me if I think you’re hot. In my dream I always tell you yes and you always look so relieved and then we share a long kiss and right in the middle of the kiss I always wake up. What’s up with that?”

“Dan, I had the weirdest dream and you were in it last night. We were up in an airplane getting ready to go sky diving which is crazy cause I have this huge fear of heights. Anyway, you kept telling me to jump and that it would all be okay and I was too scared to go toward the door. You just kept smiling and kept telling me it would be okay, and I slowly made my way to the door. I turned to look at you and tell you I couldn’t do it, and you just smiled and pushed me out the door. As I fell, I heard you yell, “you have a parachute, you’ll be fine.” I started to panic because I didn’t think my parachute would open and I looked over and you were falling through the air right next to me. You just smiled again and reached out and pulled my parachute chord, and sure enough it came open. We both landed on the ground close to each other and you just looked at me and said, “I knew you could do it. Wasn’t it worth taking the leap?” I started to cry because you helped me do something I didn’t have the courage to do for myself. That’s all I remember.”

This was just a few. I have at least a couple dozen that are awesome if you guys find these as entertaining as I do!

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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