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Planking. Everybody’s doing it. Celebrities… Random Joes… How is it that I am just now learning about planking and all its awesomeness? I mean, I know I live a hermit life, secluded from the rest of the world, but come on. I don’t live in a freaking cave.

My friend Fabulous Wendy taught me about planking. “It’s where you go out in public and you make yourself into a plank in random places,” she said.

“Sounds cool,” I told her, secretly rolling my eyes, having no idea what she was actually talking about.

“You just have to watch this video,” she said. I hesitantly agreed to watch her video thoroughly expecting to find it to be as dumb as it sounded. This is what she sent me:

I couldn’t roll my eyes any longer after seeing that. It was… freaking… AWESOME. I told her we’d do some planking next time we hung out, and boy, did she hold me to it. We went out the next evening to a fun-center/laser tag type place and began looking around for our first planking opportunities.

My first plank was overly amateurish. My head was up way too high. I might as well have spread my arms and pretended I was flying.


“Let me show you how it’s done,” Fabulous Wendy said. And without another word, she headed over to the Foosball table.


I nodded my head with a look that said, “yeah, I think I get it.” She took my cue and demonstrated again on the air hockey table.


“Okay, I think I got it,” I told her and made my way to the closest pool table.


“That’s better,” she said, “but kind of boring. It’s better if you’re like, I don’t know…”

I cut her off mid sentence. “Wait, I’ve got the perfect one.” I motioned over to the coke machine.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, I’m serious,” I told her as I headed toward the manager to ask if he cared if a thirty-one year old man turned himself into a plank on top of his Coke machine. He was cool with it (supportive even), and so up I climbed.


I’d never felt so fulfilled in my entire life. “That’s the best plank of the night!” Fabulous Wendy yelled up to me while I planked for what felt like hours on a dust and grime covered Coke machine.

And, just like that planking became a part of my life. I became a genuine, certified, enthusiastic planker.

So, now if you see me planking in random blog posts… you’ll know why. And you’ll know who to blame.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Have you planked before? Are you as new to it as I am? I would LOVE to see your planking pics and make a post out of them. Send them to me at the address at the top of this screen. The more hilarious, the better.

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