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Where I live, cowboys aren’t in great abundance, which makes me sad. The world needs more cowboys.

As for me, I look for any excuse to be a cowboy, and if I look hard enough I can usually find one. Camping. Fishing. Rodeos. Country music concerts. Trips to the local cowboy boot store…

Any excuse will do, really.

In all honesty, the boots and the hats are fun, but being a cowboy (a real cowboy), even if only for a moment here and there is about much more than the garb. It’s about a simpler life. A life that I often wish I could escape to on a more permanent basis.


A life where I didn’t sit staring at a computer screen all day every day.

A life where I didn’t walk around, constantly paranoid of my iPad getting dropped or damaged.

A life where I have to remember my friends’ phone numbers, and I have to dial the digits in one at a time.

A life where I can leave home and nothing rings. No texts come in. I go home and any messages are scribbled on a piece of paper.

A life where there are few stop signs. Few traffic lights. And nobody waiting to give me a ticket for speeding.

A life where I don’t ever need to speed.

A life where the weekends are spent at barn dances.

A life where it’s considered overly engaging to talk about corn or potatoes.

A life where riding the mechanical bull at the local bar is a must-do when old friends come into town.


A life where nobody worries about the kids playing outside. All day.

A life where problems are handled over a game of darts instead of in courtrooms.

A life where the Internet still screeches at me when I sign on.

A life where there isn’t much need for the Internet at all.

A life where I can sit on the porch for hours, chattin’ it up with old buddies.

A life where I drive several hours to go to the big country concerts. And almost everyone I know is there.

A life where I don’t have to beg friends to come with me to see Tim McGraw.

A life where I can spend my days atop a horse, looking at my acres and acres of land.

Land that didn’t cost me $200,000 per acre.

Land that cost me $1000 per acre.

The most beautiful land on earth.

Imagine… a life that’s not easier. Just simpler.

And that’s why I look for any excuse to be a cowboy, even if it’s only for the evening.

When I do, I can promise you that I don’t carry a cell phone in my pocket. Cowboy pants are tight for a reason. It’s to keep all the gadgets out…

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. What life that isn’t your own do you sometimes like to escape to?

And, have you ever heard this Easton Corbin song? It’s one of my favorites and sums up a lot of what I love about the country/cowboy life.

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