There are certain foods that I find to be “disgustingly delicious.” You know, foods that for some reason taste SO good, even though they probably should be disgusting? I’m sure you have a list of your own. Here’s my top ten list I’ve compiled every time I noticed the funny looks (or comments) coming from the people around me…

  1. Cold, old pizza. I love pizza fresh out of the oven, but after that my favorite is eating straight out of the fridge when it’s been in there for a couple days. This one is really weird to me because I generally hate eating leftovers.
  2. Pork rinds. Don’t ask me why I like them. I don’t even know why I like them. They should be horribly disgusting, but I think they’re mighty tasty. Can’t have a road trip without a bag of pork rinds within arm’s reach.
  3. Austin cheddar cheese crackers. I really love these cheap little six-cracker-packages of goodness, despite their lack of flavor and their incredible dryness.
  4. Tomato juice – now, for some reason this one is only true when I’m on airplanes. I don’t like tomato juice very often in real life, but when I’m 35,000 feet up, nothing sounds quite as good when it comes to washing down those peanuts.
  5. Fire-roasted chicken hearts. Yeah, I love ’em. They serve them at the local Brazilian grill and I always load up on them.
  6. Spam. Have you ever tried frying spam and mixing it into scrambled eggs? It’s the real breakfast of champions!
  7. Beer. You know, they say beer is an acquired taste. I just like the taste, and I pretty much have since the first time I tasted it. A little Modern Family, a beer, and some cold, old pizza… yeah. Makes any night complete.
  8. Top Ramen. uncooked. As a solid chunk of noodles. If I ever need a quick (CHEAP) snack, just munch away on some ramen. Why ruin it by cooking it?
  9. SpaghettiO’s. They’re mushy. They’re soggy. They’re almost tasteless. And… they’re yummy!
  10. Tropicana punch – I’m not sure there are any actual “food grade” ingredients in Tropicana. In fact, I think it may be made from nuclear drippings. Come what may; it tastes good to me.
  11. Play-dough Ice Cream – not. This was a joke. I would never be caught dead with a bowl of this stuff. I hate play-dough ice cream. Also Superman ice cream, though I think they’re the same failed nastiness disguised in different buckets of colorful fun.
Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing
PS. I’d love your own additions. What foods do you find to be disgustingly delicious? Do you agree or disagree with any of mine?
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