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You know, it’s no secret around these parts that Noah and I love M&Ms. Well, we love most M&Ms. You’ll remember from our post The Hierarchy of M&Ms that some varieties rank below Wet Dog and Poop flavored M&Ms. But that post, and the aftermath of it, got me to thinking… do other people love M&Ms as much as we do? If anybody would have the answer, I knew Google would.

So, today I present the ten awesomest (and stupidest) things I could find on the internet that have to do with M&Ms (in no particular order).

1. Eminem in M&Ms.

That’s right. What you see is a portrait of Marshall Mathers (rap singer Eminem) made out of more than 1,000 individual M&Ms. The final piece measured 40 x 30 inches and took more than eight pounds of M&Ms to create.

2. M&M wedding cake.

Well, now I’m officially going to feel unoriginal if I ever get married again and ask for an M&Ms wedding cake. This cake was made by Dahlia’s Custom Cakes and is pretty rockin’.

3. M&Ms World (create an M&M avatar)

Okay, how did I not know about this? If you go to M&Ms world, you can create your own M&Ms character. That’s pretty sweet, and I just got sucked into it for way longer than I planned, and now one of my Facebook accounts is using it as the profile pic.

4. Become an M&M

Looking for the “sweetest” costume ever? Ummm… sure. Be an M&M.

5. Turn your baby into a bag of M&Ms.

Now, that is a costume that makes me say… dang.

6. M&Ms underwear.

Nothing speaks romance better than M&Ms boxer shorts. I ordered 32 pairs simply because wearing anything else doesn’t make sense anymore.
7. M&Ms Smoking Weed

What to even say about this? 420 Bob.
8. Paint Your Nails

I gotta find this girl. I didn’t know if I believed in soul mates before, but now there is no question.
9. Make Creepy M&M Dolls

I repeat. CREEPY M&M dolls. Not sure I’d want to wake up each morning with that staring me in the face from my bed stand.
10. M&M Wrapper Ball Gown

I don’t know whether to think this is the coolest thing on earth or the most horrific. Either way it deserves the final spot on this list. Wow.
Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing
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