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Smile in your photos, damn it.

I don’t understand people who never smile in their photos. Like… ever. As far as I can gather, there are two kinds of people who don’t smile.

Those who hate smiling.

And those who hate their smiles.

Or maybe those who hate bluebirds and butterflies and every wonderful thing in this world.

To the first, smile anyway! Nothing is lamer in could-have-been-awesome photos than one person who never smiles. It takes away a good chunk of the happiness of the entire photo (imho.). Why do people do it? Do they think smiling shows weakness? Do they think not smiling makes them look cool or tough or ready to take-on the devil on stilts? Well, it doesn’t, it doesn’t, and it doesn’t. To me, it makes the person not smiling look like a jerk, a sad person, a grumpy person, a wannabe, or a soulless person who would sooner eat a bluebird and butterfly than enjoy looking at them.

To the latter, smile anyway! Are your teeth too yellow? Too crooked? Are your gums too prominent? Are you missing a tooth? Do you have a small animal living in there? Do you have a gap in your teeth that can be seen from space? Do you just feel like you look goofy when you smile? Well guess what… you don’t. Your smile looks way better than that attempt at covering up a smile. You know what I’m talking about… where you keep your lips together, flex the muscles in your cheek, and do everything you can to make sure no tooth ever makes an appearance. You probably do it when you’re laughing, too.

Ugh. Laughing with your mouth closed. Where’s the fun in that? (just ask our friend here.)


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