A while back, Noah and I stopped after preschool to grab a $5 pizza (hey, we’re bachelors!) On the way out, Noah wanted to carry the box, and half way to the car he got super excited and put the box down on the sidewalk.

“Look dad, it says Noah!”

I looked down and started laughing. “You sure? I don’t see your name on there.”

He grunted at my apparent illiteracy.

“Look at the box, Dad. It says Noah.”

Again, I looked at the box.

“You’re going to have to show me buddy, cause I don’t see it.”

Another grunt as he squatted down. “Look right here, Dad.” He pointed to the big “N” followed by the “O” in HOT, followed by the “A” in READY, followed by the “H” in HOT. “You see, it says Noah.”

I started laughing once again. “Yep, you’re right.”

I guess sometimes you have to be a kid to truly think outside the box. Or inside the box. Or on the box.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. When are other times that your child has seen something that your adult mind simply couldn’t see?

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