On Monday, my brother and I launched our second bro-down, a friendly little photographer competition in which we each took eight photos of the same things, put them up on Single Dad Laughing, and you all voted on which were best (without knowing whose were whose). The goal… be the big dawg on top. The king of the camera. El Jefóte.

Well, the results are in… 16 photographs. 10,213 votes. Before the contest we decided winner would be he who had the most total votes. So here we go…

First was the “ant challenge” (click on any image to see a larger version).

“Aphid Farming”

“The Food Chain”

The winner: Eric with his photo “Aphid Farming!”
775 votes to 482 votes!


Next up was the bumblebee shot.

“In for Landing”

“Sweet Pollen”

The winner: Dan with his photo “Sweet Pollen!”
887 votes to 445 votes!


Next up was the butterfly capture.

“Queen with Wings”

“Thistle Juice”

The winner: Eric with “Thistle Juice!”
754 votes to 511 votes!


Next up was the elk photographs.

“The Love Call”

“The Bugle of a Bull”

The winner: Eric with “The Bugle of a Bull!”
915 votes to 345 votes!


Next up was the moose shots.

“Queen of the Forest”

“Posing Pretty”

The winner: Eric with “Queen of the Forest!”
960 votes to 312 votes!


Next up was the moving water.

“Smooth Water”


The winner: Dan with “Serenity!”
832 votes to 500. votes!


Next up was the 20-minute night-time challenge.

“Ghost Town”

“Starry Mountains”

The winner: Dan with “Starry Mountains!”
652 votes to 600 votes!


And last but not least, the panoramics…

“Lake Blanche”

“Silver Lake Escape”

The winner: Dan with “Lake Blanche!”
869 votes to 384 votes!


But in the end, there could only be one king of the camera, and this round goes to…


5,333 votes to 4,880 votes!

Well done, little bro. This bro-down is officially… yours.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Thanks everybody for voting! This was one of the most fun things I’ve done here on Single Dad Laughing (for me, anyway!), so we’ll definitely be doing it again.

ALSO… What are some ideas you have that we might be able to do for our next Bro-Down?


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“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.” ~Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD)

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