You know, I don’t look at the numbers coming through SDL very often. When I do, it becomes too easy to lose focus on the reason I write, the reason I have this blog in the first place, and all that I still hope to achieve. Looking at numbers will so quickly elate me or depress me. Looking at numbers will also sometimes push me to start writing things that are meant more for driving traffic than they are for serving myself or my readers, which is the last thing I want to be doing.

And so, I steer clear of looking at the numbers. At all, if I can help it.

I went months and months without looking at my numbers. And then I was finally forced to pull them up as I got my site ready for advertising. Apparently how many people you get to your site is important to advertisers. Who’da thunk?

And as I pulled the numbers up, another statistic caught my eye… “Average time spent on site per visitor.” It said the average person that clicks into SDL stays about 4 1/2 minutes. And that got me to thinking… if I add up all the visits I’ve had here on SDL since it started a little over a year ago, and multiply that by 4 1/2 minutes, what would that add up to?

And the answer blew me away…

91 years.

That’s an entire lifetime.

And when that sunk in, I had a “real” moment. A sobering moment. A moment where I was forced to think about the gravity of that.

91 years.

Of life.

Life that people have given to me here on SDL.

It’s a very sobering thought to me.

And as sobering as it was, it was also very rejuvenating. The thought helped me rededicate myself fully to what I believe, what we’re all doing together, and where we all can keep going.

It helped me realize that it doesn’t matter what kind of trolls are out there hatin’ on SDL. What matters is the amount of life that is being given by the people who come here. And, just as importantly, what am I giving them in return? What am I doing with such a gift?

And… do I really appreciate it all the way I should?

Funny how noticing one simple thing (in this case a number) can flip a major mental switch sometimes.

That’s all. I just want to tell you all that I am so thankful for all the time that you spend here on Single Dad Laughing. I’m thankful for all the comments. All of the sharing. All of the participation. And all of the awesomeness you bring here.

I learn from you all daily.

I hope that what I give in return might come close to what you’ve given me.

I love our group of people here and it seems like every single day, new people who are just as incredible join our ranks.

I think for a while there I may have lost focus on a few things. Whether or not that seeped through into my writing and blogging, I don’t know. If it did, I apologize.

I sincerely love you all. Thank you for being so damn incredible. To me. To each other. To yourselves.

Let’s keep having fun. Cause we do have a lot of fun around here!

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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