I have made an executive decision that Saturdays shall hereby be named “Buddah’s Day” here on Single Dad Laughing! Poor Buddha hasn’t gotten enough attention ’round these digital parts since he joined our family, and I think it’s time we change that. So, every Saturday I’m going to post anywhere from one to a zillion of my favorite Buddha pics from the week. After all, what’s better than a fat, lazy, gassy, wrinkly, high-spirited-low-energy Bulldog doing whatever it is he feels like doing?

Today’s pics are called “Stuck in a Hole.”

We were out for our daily walk when suddenly there was a whimper and the leash went tight behind me. I looked back and poor Buddha had slipped backwards into a hole that the neighbors had dug to get to their sprinklers. I couldn’t help but laugh, and while I wanted to help him, I thought it more prudent to snap some pictures instead.

Here’s Buddha. Stuck in a hole.

"Okay, dude, I'm in a hole. That's cool.
"This should be easy enough to get out of... Or not."
"Come on Buddha. You got this. One... two... three..."
"Dude, you just gonna stand there with your camera?"
"Hmmmm, let me think. There's gotta be an easy way out of here."
"Being stuck in a hole blows."
"Just one... more... try..."
"Whatever dude. This is my hole. I'll own it."

And that… is Buddha, stuck in a hole. Doing what Buddha does.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Buddha would love to hear your comments. Like I said, he’s been feeling a little left out of the SDL loop.

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