How do people do it?

Time is starting to run out for Noah and me to find a new place to live. The short sale on our house is going through and it looks like we’ll have to be out before the end of November. This whole thing happened much sooner than I anticipated, and it’s been a real wake-up call to the vicious reality that so many renters have to go through. Being that I’ve owned my own home since I was 22 years old, this whole process is more or less new for me.

As it turns out, finding a decent place with recently destroyed credit (thanks, housing market!) makes the process tough. As Noah and I have begun looking for new places, we’ve had one real requirement. Find a place where Buddha can come with us.

Who knows. If that weren’t a requirement of ours, finding a new home to live in might be easy.

As I go through all the listings, I’ll bet at least 95% of them say (most of them in big, bold, caps locks), “NO PETS ALLOWED!”

And I’m like, “really? Like, really, really?”

As I sit and type this, Buddha is laying on his bed next to my desk… snoring. That’s what he does all day, every day.

He’s three years old and he joined our family earlier this year. He’s never come close to having an accident in the  house. He’s never chewed on any parts of the house. He’s never really done much of anything but lay there, fart, and snore.

“Sure, you can move six kids into this two bedroom house, you bet! BUT NO PETS!”

“What? You like to party all night every night? Sure, no problem. BUT NO PETS!”

“Wait a minute… you’re planning to setup a meth lab in here? You betcha. BUT NO PETS ALLOWED!!!”


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