She loves Noah as much as I do. She lives and breathes for his happiness. She works on herself to always be a better parent. She pushes through the occasional bouts of tension with this stubborn blogger and thinks only of what’s best for our kid. She’s always there when she says she’ll be there. She keeps her promises. She genuinely cares about the happiness and well-being of not only her son, but her son’s dad as well.

Noah’s mom… talk about a reason to celebrate. Talk about a lot of reasons to celebrate.

She’s pregnant, you know. I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been asked by a lot of people if I’m sad or angry or hurt that she’s pregnant. After all, she and I could never have biological children of our own. And we really tried.

But to be sad or angry or hurt? I don’t understand that. At all.

She is a good woman who has wanted to experience the wonder of pregnancy and childbirth for as long as I’ve known her. It’s been a dream and a wish of hers. One that together we couldn’t make happen. So, why wouldn’t I be thrilled that her dream was finally coming true? Why wouldn’t I be overcome with happiness that Noah will get to experience being a big brother? How could I not appreciate the joy that her new (and equally incredible) husband will have as he goes through this with her? Why wouldn’t I be thankful that yet another spirit will find itself under their constant warming shadows?

She deserves it. Like I said, she’s incredible. She’s my ex-wife. And yes, sometimes I want to pull my hair out with her, as she does with me. But that’s life and it doesn’t change the respect and appreciation I have for her.

Happy Birthday, Andrea. May the next 30 be as awesome as the first.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. I’d love your comments. I’d love your happy birthday wishes for Andrea. For Noah’s mom. She’s a big reason this blog is even possible and has been one of my biggest supporters since the beginning. 🙂

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