Yeah right. I go hiking almost every weekend and it’s like pulling teeth to get anybody to come with me (besides Fabulous Wendy). Not too many people actually “like” hiking. They just say they do. Everybody says they do.

But alas, I have found it difficult to meet women since the girls split. Hard to imagine, I know. After all, I am a serious mountain climber who flies to Africa at least 92 times per year. Or was that South America…

As a single dad, it’s tricky. I don’t really enjoy the whole bar pick-up scene. The vast majority of people where I live have beliefs that are very different than my own, and part of those beliefs are that they must marry a member of their same religion if they want their marriage to last into the next life. Not even 92 trips a year to the South Pacific will help me there. And the place I live, it’s 100% married people, 100% of the time. Somehow, I (the only single person in a 20 mile radius) didn’t even break the 100% statistic. Weird, I know. But seriously. Every time I see a beautiful woman around here, whether it be at the gym or the store, I look down and there’s bling the size of Texas.

And so, I’ve moved my search (if I’d even call it that) to the world wide web.

And oh what a tangled web we weave.

Who knows… maybe, just maybe… somebody out there is stuck in a similar weird place around here and we’ll connect and sparks will fly and fireworks will go off and doves will flap through the scene and sappy music will play in the background and we’ll just know… with one click of the mouse, we’ll know.

Or not.

But what could it hurt?

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Have you ever joined a dating website? What “awkwardness” did you find lies within? What about the whole thing has always been so freaking funny to you? I have a lot more up that alley, but I can’t waste it all on one post!

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