Noah and I got a new pet! Meet Frank. He’s a Xabbo!

He’s the cutest dang thing you’ve ever seen. And, besides those horns, a dang good snuggler too. His fur is so soft that he makes the Downy bear seem, well, lamer than all lameness.

The thing I love about Xabbos, and the reason I’ve always wanted one, is that they’re so, freaking, dang…. (fill in the blank).

Okay. Confession session. We didn’t really get a new pet Xabbo.

The Xabbo isn’t even a real animal. I photoshopped some ram’s horns onto a cute monkey and then turned his eyes blue.

But why? Why would I do that?

Simple. A blogger can dream.

You see, ever since Noah was a baby, it’s bothered the crap out of me that THERE ARE NO GOOD ANIMALS THAT START WITH THE LETTER X. You heard me.

Every time we’re flipping through one of his fifty books that have a different animal for every letter, X gets left out.

A is for Aardvark, B is for Butterfly, M is for Mongoose, X is for… oh wait. We can’t think of anything so we’ll say X is for all the other excellent animals.


So, I’ve decided that my life’s purpose is to…

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