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Ever since I got divorced, Noah has had a real hard time dealing with loss. It didn’t matter what “it” was, losing anything almost always seems to leave him having a meltdown.

A few months ago, our birds needed to go. I wasn’t giving them much attention at all. Their squawks and squeaks were showing up in the background of the radio and internet interviews I was doing, and they were super messy. On top of that, I knew we’d likely be moving to a place that didn’t allow birds. So, I set out to find them a new home that would love them the way I hadn’t in far too long.

Before placing the ad, I made the mistake of simply telling Noah that I needed to sell the birds.




He lost it.

There was no asking why. There was no argument. Just pure sadness as he realized he’d now lose something else that he had grown to love having in his life.

It broke my heart. And I panicked. And I told him that maybe we didn’t have to after all. Maybe we could find a way to keep him.

I hate that my life choices have made him feel like things aren’t stable or at least semi-permanent.

“We can keep them, Dad?”


I knew we couldn’t. I just figured there had to be a better way to deal with it.

He was overly happy with this and forgot about his horrible fortune for the time being.

The next day, I approached him with the same goal in mind, but this time I used a different tactic. “Noah. I need your help.”

“What, Dad?” He loves helping me figure things out that I can’t figure out on my own.

“I really want to keep Buddha. Do you?”

His eyes instantly bulged. “Yes, I definitely want to keep Buddha.”.

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