Every Saturday I’m going to post anywhere from one to a zillion of my favorite Buddha pics from the week. After all, what’s better than a fat, lazy, gassy, wrinkly, high-spirited-low-energy Bulldog doing whatever it is he feels like doing?

Today’s pics are called “confused and worried.”

Buddha has been able to tell that something is up. Something is different. Something is not cool. He’s followed me from room to room while I ferociously grab boxes, crinkle paper, pack things up, and tape… tape… tape… everything. He just sits next to me and looks at me, as if to ask what the heck I’m doing. As if to tell me he knows something is changing. As if to tell me he’s not cool with it.

And then, whenever I finally go take a break, he waddles his fat butt into the living room where I’ve carried all the boxes that I’ve packed so far and he just sits. And looks at them. As if to send the vibe that they’re intruding on his personal space.

Here’s Buddha. Click either image to enlarge.

And that… is Buddha, confused and worried. Doing what Buddha does.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Buddha would love to hear your comments. I think he’s enjoying the attention on this here blog.

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