I was out on a date last Friday with a girl who informed me that the way I have been doing these Babble Voices posts drive her crazy and that when she gets to the bottom and realizes she has to go to another site and find her place again, she rebels and never reads the second half.

Being that I have power over all things SDL, and being that I think the second half of my posts are usually the best half, I shall hereto change the way I do these posts and let you know at the very tippity top that they’re Babble Voices posts (instead of at the bottom), and you can just click straight over without reading half and then having to find your place over on the other site.

That should get me a second date, right?


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Dad Got Busted Big Time

On Halloween, my mom gave Noah this little flashing light stick. It was really cool. It changes colors and makes different light patterns. He hasn’t been able to put it down since that dreary fun-filled night.

We’re also getting ready to move, and this Dad is on a “throw everything away that we don’t absolutely need” kick. I’ve filled up six dumpsters in three weeks with crap that has accumulated over the last decade or so. Stuff nobody would want. Stuff I certainly don’t need. Broken stuff. Disassembled stuff. Stuff that I need directions for but have no directions. Stuff that was cool once but now is no longer…

And stuff that is running out of batteries.

Like little flashing light sticks.

Yes, I did it.

I threw away his light stick.

I really don’t know why, if I’m being honest. It’s not junk. It’s not garbage. I could replace the batteries.

I was just in the trash everything zone.

And so… into the garbage his light stick went.

20 minutes later…


He came stomping into my office. One fist clenched around the light stick, the other just… clenched. He was mad.


I looked at him sheepishly. Crap. Busted. “I did?”

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