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Well, it finally happened. I overheard Noah adamantly declare to one of his friends, “my dad is way strongest than your dad!”

And I laughed. I always thought that was a cliche. I knew kids felt it, but I didn’t understand how much they really believed it. I didn’t know they sometimes even become aggravated to the point of fighting and brawling over it.

Before Noah’s declaration (and I don’t know what started it) the two had been playing quite peaceably in our living room. I tuned in when Noah said those words every dad should get to hear, “my dad is way strongest than your dad!”

His little friend clenched his fists, looked up at Noah with tear-filling eyes and said, “nuh-uh. My dad is strongest!”

I laughed again as Noah turned his gaze toward me.

“Dad, you’re stronger, huh!” Noah was confident. After all, I was there to back him up on it.

His friend was getting more upset.

“Well, Colson’s dad is pretty strong. Maybe we’re both the strongest,” I said, looking to avoid hurting either kid’s feelings.

That just pissed them both off.

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