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The first message I received was simply titled, “I won’t do it,” and was posted anonymously. If you missed the introduction to these messages, click here to start at the beginning.

Powerful Response #1:

i’ve got news for you mr blogger man. god has told us in the bible that we are to hate sin! i’m so darn tired of everybody wining about the need for more love. ever heard of sodom and gomorrha? I can guarantee that it got that way (so full of gays) because people like you preached that it was good to love everybody and not stand up for what’s right anymore.

this world is going to hell in a handbasket cause people like you are saying the kind of stuff your saying. god is up there shaking his head right now disgusted that so many people are reading your message and agreeing with it.

sometimes it is our dutey to tell others what god has told all of us is right or wrong and its not the dutey of us to not hurt their feelings. i think you’d agree that hurt feelings aren’t worth somebody going to hell for.

and those people who are having such a hard time being gay? its only cause they don’t want to let it go. if they actually wanted to let it go i bet life would get a lot easier for them after all being gay is going against what god made us naturally to be and doing what is natural is a hole lot easier.

so stop blaming people killing themselves and beign depressed and whatever other stuff you said on god fearing people like me who are only doing whats right. instead blame it on the people that are doing whats wrong. people need to take accountability for their actions for once.

i think you need to rethink somethings and by the look of it so does a lot of the people reading your blog. later friend!

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