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The second message was from somebody who simply called themselves “A friend.” The email subject was “The truth.” If you missed the introduction to these messages, click here to start at the beginning.

Powerful Response #2:

Dear sir, I just read your post I’m Christian unless you’re gay. I have never wanted to puke after reading such garbage as badly as I do right now.

You preach some ideal of love like it could be possible at all. It’s not possible. The kind of love you talk about has done nothing but destroy people in this world. It turns others into doormats. It gets people killed. Nothing you said is going to do anything but cause a greater divide and bring others more grief.

But that’s not the point of my email. What really made me sick was your blatant attack on the Christian faith and your disregard for the very responsibility that we have to keep our brothers and sisters from throwing away their own salvation.

Since you focused on gays, I’ll focus on gays too. Besides the fact that what they do is a sin, homosexuality is unnatural and a choice they simply make because it’s easier for them to get some action that way. Being straight takes work and effort and being moral and faithful and straight takes even more work and effort.

You use the word love so loosely. It’s not my job to love the people who pervert God’s laws. It’s not my job to love people who purposefully defile the things that I hold sacred. Whether you or I like it or not hate motivates people. Anger motivates people. And dare I say it? Prejudice motivates people. And therein lies the truth, sometimes hate IS love because love is an eternal thing, not a do something because somebody will feel better right now thing.

God has commanded us to judge others lest we be judged. This is because putting pressure on others actually pushes people to make right choices. Without that anger and judgment, there would be a lot more gays in the world which means a lot more sin going on. I don’t want to be accountable for that.

Gays will argue all day that they can’t change, but that’s not true. You know it, I know it, and every gay out there deep down knows it. There have been countless gay people that have been able to ”straighten” themselves out with therapy, support groups, and more than anything a desire to not be sinners anymore.

You sir, are being a mouthpiece for Satan with what you’ve written. I know you think you’re doing good but it’s my job to stand up and declare when things aren’t right. It’s my job to let you know that your own salvation stands to be lost. You will be responsible for not only what you’ve written but for every person who acts on what you’ve written. And when you get to the next life, you’re going to be a pretty sad camper.

I will stand up and continue to motivate the sinners of this world to change and do right because I actually DO love them and want to see them gain eternal life. If that means hating and hurting a few people to help them for eternity, so be it. I answer to God, not to you and not to queers and not to any of the other people you mentioned.

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