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Powerful Response #4:

Hi Dan, I am the mother of a gay teen. She came out about two years ago and has tried to remain under the radar but at her school she’s been seriously bullied because of it. She’s been pushed, shoved, hit, and even spit on a bunch of times and it happens every day. At one point she even had a teacher tell her ”get your gay ass to class on time next time.” The place I live is extremely homophobic (and extremely Christian) to the point that I had decided to move my family out of here so that my daughter (who’s so beautiful!) has at least a chance at a happy life.

I have been reading your blog almost since the beginning and I was one of the first to read your I’m Christian unless your gay post. I’d never read anything like it. It was so powerful, yet so simple and so full of love that it couldn’t really be argued with. So, the next morning I printed out a stack of them (hope you don’t mind!) and took them into the school and handed them to the principal who has refused to do anything even when I gave her specific names and examples. She looked at me like WHAT IS THIS AND WHY WOULD I WANT TO READ IT?! I just said, you allow hatred and bullying in this school to the point that now I have to move away just to get away from it, at least read this. And then I walked out.

Fast forward two days, my daughter walks in from school and is quiet but kind of happy and I ask her what’s up and she says that one of the kids who was most hurtful to her cornered her in the halls and told her she was sorry for all the names and all the things she’d ever done and then by the end of the day another kid had found her in the lunchroom and said sorry as well and even asked her to sit with his group.

And then my daughter said mom, maybe we should stay a little longer and see because maybe this is going to get better. That was two days ago and in the last two days she only had one problem with one person but the first kid who apologized stepped in and put the other student in his place. My daughter hasn’t been happy in years and for the first time she’s coming home from school smiling.

So, thank you Dan. I know a few people are hateful of what you wrote, but some people like my daughter are getting the chance to live their life again. From one parent to another, thank you thank you thank you Dan.

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