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Powerful Response #6:

Hi Dan, somebody posted a link to your article, and the title made me so mad that I had to click on it to give whoever wrote it a piece of my mind. Instead I need to thank you. I am a person who has always hated gays. I make fun of them and I bash on them, I say things about them that are horrible and its not just gays, its also people with tattoos and hippies and obvious druggies. I’m 42 years old and that’s how it is where I live in Alabama adn its everybody who does it.But as I read your article, something inside me switched on and it changed everything. God I feel so shitty about it and I always knew it was wrong but like I said thats just what people do around here.

So anyways I called up this guy that works with me at the warehouse and everybody knows he’s gay even though he won’t talk about it and I told him that I was sorry for all the shit I always pull and that I was going to take him after work tomorrow and buy him a beer and he said he’d come. I honestly have never felt that good about anything in a long time and I know that this is the start of something that will take work but I’m going to be the one that changes it around here. What you wrote took balls but I guess that’s why I had to listen because around here we respect guys with balls and I guess it’s time I had some too.

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