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I warned you they were powerful.

Now let me ask you.

Do you believe in the ripple effect?

I do.

It’s still so overwhelming for me to read through each of those messages. I think it’s because I don’t only see the poignant changes today; I see poignant changes for years and decades to come and maybe even generations into the future that will follow. I see specific lives being affected that will affect countless other lives now and later. I see tiny seeds of goodness that will grow into Redwood forests of greatness.

And this was just one blog post by one very lacking man. I’m not the first to say what I’ve said. This world is a better place today because of the voices others have used in the past. With every link, every blog post, every video, and every bit of love that we all give to each other, this world becomes better. We may not all see just how it becomes better, but hopefully the messages in today’s post will give each of us the faith that small acts have the potential to push monumental movements in the right direction.

Coincidentally, with each negative blog post, video, and every bit of hatred that we all dish out to each other, this world becomes worse.

The holidays are setting in.

What a great time to do something amazing. What an incredible opportunity to start some ripples.

I have a serious challenge for all of you.

If you have a blog, blog your own bold messages of love.

If you have a video camera (don’t forget the one on your phone!), create your own bold messages of love and post them to YouTube.

If you have a Facebook or a Twitter a page, post your own messages of love.

If you have a voice, say something you normally would hesitate to say. Something powerful. Something full of love.

If you have any platform at all, use it. Get your message out. Make it bold. Make it incredible. Make it sincere. Tell those who are different, those who are bullied, and those who need love most right now that you love them. Tell them that you care about them. Offer an arm to put around them.

And then… send it to me. I’d really love to post some of them here on Single Dad Laughing.

I won’t lie. The trolls are waiting in the wings to come and shut you down and shut you up. You’ll quite possibly get some vicious backlash. You may lose a few followers or friends even. You might not. But let me ask you this… even if you do, isn’t it worth it? There are some people on the previous pages who certainly would think so.

Hate doesn’t win until love no longer has a voice. I believe that with all of my heart.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

And please, leave a comment today. What did you take from these messages. Did they change you the way they changed me, even to some degree? And is there a message of love you yourself can offer to those who are hurting on either side of the equation?

And is there anybody out there willing to take me up on my challenge?

Oh, and PS… please make sure you check back next week. I’ll be launching three days of posts that are each crucial parts of a very important series for me. It’s a different kind of discussion about love, yet one that ties everything together. It’s one that attempts to tackle the number one question I’ve had since starting this blog. It’s one that attempts to answer a question that dozens of you have asked me to answer. Hopefully I can pull it off.

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