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That’s it! I give up! I’m moving to a nudist colony where I don’t have to try and keep up with the madness.

Noah has done it again. He’s turned perfectly good, perfectly long pants into pants that are only good for one thing… wading through high water.

Five months ago, or maybe it was four (though in reality, it was less than three, it’s just too painful to admit that), I went to the Osh Kosh uber-discount outlet store (they don’t sponsor me, but I love ’em!) and bought Noah an entire new wardrobe. I was able to do that because, well, it’s the uber discount outlet store.

I thought I was being all sneaky and awesome as I bought him clothes that were a size and a half too big for him. I figured he’d do fine with them for at least a year or two. Maybe three.

Nope… his pants are all officially too short.

Four months later (or was it five?) and it looks like he’s had them for years.

Damn it.

Two months ago he started complaining of leg pain. Oh great, I thought as I instantly knew that he was starting another growth spurt. Sure enough, yesterday I measured him and he’s tacked on another inch and a half. All in the legs.


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