Every Friday evening, I post anywhere from one to a zillion of my favorite Buddha pics from the week. After all, what’s better than a fat, lazy, gassy, wrinkly, high-spirited-low-energy English Bulldog doing whatever it is he feels like doing?

Today’s pics are called “Buddha: Rockin’ his Rock.”

Every day Buddha gets to go for a walk, which I never complain about because the views up where we live are incredible and the air is so damn fresh. Buddha never lets us forget his walk, either. He knows when it’s time. He’ll just park in front of the front door and stare at it until somebody recognizes him.

At the end of our cul-de-sac is a trailhead that goes to all sorts of trails in the mountains here. In that area, there is a big rock. I don’t know when or why Buddha decided it was his rock, but he loves to climb up on it, and just… sit. He’ll occasionally look around. He’ll yawn repeatedly. And only when Buddha is done sitting on his rock will he get off. It’s rather comical.

Good ol’ Buddha.

And that… is Buddha, rockin’ his rock. Doing what Buddha does.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Buddha would love to hear your comments. I think he’s enjoying the attention on this here blog.

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