Last week, I posted Paying it forward this Christmas. That post had two parts to it.

In the first part of that post, I told you about Natalie and Alice, two very special little girls who battle every day with Leaky SCID (the same thing Bubble Boy had), and will both be undergoing bone marrow transplants in the near future (complications have set them back a couple weeks). I asked you to open up your hearts and wallets for a very deserving family and cause. You did.

The second part was me, asking you to fill out a form if $100 would make Christmas possible for your family this year, and I said that I’d send a hundred dollars of my own money to five of the people who filled out that form. In a post later this evening, I’m going to talk about that.

But right now I wanted to give you all a quick update on Natalie and Alice…

Alice’s bone marrow donor fell ill, and since the donor has to be healthy at the time of the transplant, Alice’s surgery has been postponed 2-4 weeks.

Natalie had a Broviac line inserted into her chest last week, and afterwards the doctors found a problem with her lungs on the x-rays. It could be either scar tissue or a fungus in her lungs, and now they are trying to figure out what their next move will be because if they don’t do it correctly, she could lose her lung.

Such things are not without complications. Thankfully Natalie has shown true courage and maybe even more importantly, a beautiful outlook that she’s going to get better.

Thank you to each of you who showed your thankfulness for your own blessings by blessing the lives of these girls. If you haven’t read about Alice and Natalie yet, please do (click here to visit the post). They are still in great need, and if you’d like to donate they would be more thankful than you could imagine. Send a PayPal payment to [email protected] for any amount you like. And, they have a trust fund setup for donations now, so if you like you can go into any Wells Fargo and make a donation directly into the trust account.

The information is:
Account Name: Fish Children Donation Fund
Routing Number #124002971
Account #3931162733

Tyler and Lisy also started a blog so that everybody can get updates on the girls throughout this entire ordeal. I would encourage you to follow along and find ways to encourage them throughout it all. The more positive energy as they try to beat this thing, the better! You can visit their blog here:

If anything, follow along, especially if you are a parent. I promise if you do, you will have no choice but to constantly count your many blessings. You’ll have no choice but to love and squeeze your kids all the more. And, I promise you that many of your own trials will seem so trivial and so much more conquerable. Perspective is a beautiful thing.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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