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Yesterday I was lying on the sofa watching Noah play on the rug, building a glorious tower with his building blocks. Exhaustion began pulling on my eyelids. I closed my eyes for a moment with no intention of sleeping.

I woke up no more than 20 minutes later to a very different scene. Every toy had been pulled from the toy bin. I got up and went to find Noah. Toys spotted the kitchen floor. His bedroom had gone from mostly clean to a disaster zone. The cushions were all pulled from the couch and stacked along with several blankets that had been pulled out to make a fort. The Lincoln Logs had been dumped and spread. I grumbled and made my way into the kitchen where a box of crackers sat open in the middle of the hardwood floors. How did he do it, and how did he do it all so fast? I thought to myself.

I finally found Noah pumping soap into a now full sink of water in the bathroom. Water covered the counters and floors. “Daddy, I’m giving Buzz a bath,” he said pulling a little buzz lightyear action figure from below the surface of the suds.

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