My friend Jacob is not my actual brother.

Just thought I’d clarify this. When I wrote in the I’m Christian, unless you’re gay post: “Jacob is a dear friend. He’s my brother. He’s a damn good human being. He’s absolutely incredible. He’s also gay.” most people understood that I was speaking figuratively about him being my brother, but I’ve received many comments and correspondences from people who thought I was being literal in that statement.

Since many of my friends and family have read this, and since many of my brothers’ friends and families have read this, I figured I better make sure that was clear.

Jacob was a name I gave my dear friend who wishes to remain (and still wishes to remain) completely anonymous, that’s all.

Funny thing is, I mentioned to at least two of my brothers that the assumption was being made, and neither of them did anything but laugh and say, “oh well.” As simple a gesture as their responses were, it really made me appreciate just how good of human beings they both really are. No panic. No worry. No anger. They just saw the humor in it. And I think that’s pretty awesome.

I love my brothers.

I love my brother Jacob.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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