Another week has passed, and instead of the I’m Christian, unless you’re gay┬ápost slowing down, it actually brought in record traffic, and with it record comments, record emails, and record “wow moments” for me.

If I’m being honest, it has completely taken over my life for the moment. I so badly wanted to have the third installment of my love-yourself series done and posted for this week, but it has been impossible to finish. So, I’m super sorry, you’ll have to wait till next week (if I can make it happen by then!)

The emotional side for me has been overwhelming since posting I’m Christian, unless you’re gay. I never expected it to do what it did, spread the way it has, or make the kind of impact in individual lives that it has. And I suppose that’s why I keep sharing things about it. I suppose that’s why I share with you data about the amount of traffic it’s getting. I suppose that’s why it remains my focus.

And if I’m being honest, it will probably demand my attention for a little while yet.

You see, it’s a message that is spreading not because it’s perfect or even great writing. It’s a message that’s spreading because so many people feel and see in their own lives the things I discuss in the post. It’s a message that’s spreading because so many people hurt or have hurt due to those whip-sawing dynamics. It’s a message that’s spreading because others have wanted to spread the same message but haven’t known how.

That’s all.

Summed up, it’s a message that’s spreading because it needs to be heard. No other factor is strong enough to lay claim on the reason behind the message’s success, of that I am certain. It has nothing to do with me.

Anyways, because it has been spread and shared and read by so many people, it has naturally had the chance to drastically change the lives of some people. It has changed the very direction of the way a few people think. And every day I get to open my inbox and read amazing things that have happened in its aftermath.

But this week, instead of sharing the full email responses, I decided to create a video with some of those responses, both the good and the bad.

Man, I wish everybody could spend a day rummaging through my inbox. I believe it would change any person. Hopefully this will be a small yet powerful taste for you.

And if watching it affects you, please share this video. Post it on your Facebook and Twitter walls. Embed it in your blog. Use it wherever you like, if you feel that the message is worth sharing.

I hope it is. Because you never know who might see it, who might watch it, who might read the post, and who might be sending an email of their own. All because you shared.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Please be sure to come back during the next couple days. I’ll be posting something totally non-related and very important given what time of year it is. It’s time this blogger paid it forward.

Oh, and if you want to copy/paste the direct link to the video, here it is:


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