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I think I have a new top favorite “thing” that my kid does. It’s something Noah does as he continually tries to wrap his brain around numbers and as he learns to vocalize the big numbers that he learns.

Noah is four. He still hasn’t quite mastered the numbers one through twenty. One through ten, he can do no problem. Eleven, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen, slick as black ice. Fifteen and sixteen, most of the time. Then he usually skips straight to twenty. We’re working on it.

But, let’s be honest here. The world doesn’t revolve around the numbers one through fourteen. There are bigger numbers. Like fifty. Or a hundred. Or a thousand. Or, gulp, even a million.

And so, when Noah really wants to show his dedication to something, or the magnitude of something, or the sheer quantity of anything… he starts shooting out those big numbers that he’s heard; the ones that he has no clue what they actually mean.

“I’m going to beat you taking a nap,” I told him yesterday as I flopped him into my bed.

“Nuh uh, Dad! I’m gonna beat you!”

I passed him a humorously furled brow and a scowl. “I don’t think so, I’m way more tired than you.”

He just folded his arms, looked me dead in the eye and said, “well, I’m forty six one hundred ninety nine tired.”

“That’s impossible, nobody’s that tired.”

“I am.”

“Well,” I said, “I’m twenty-five seventy-two nine hundred twenty seven and thirty four tired.”

Not to be outdone, he started adding in some of his bigger numbers. “Well guess what, Dad. I’m sixty seven thousand hundred fourteen nine hundred twenty two tired!”

Dad is stubborn, and doesn’t like to be outdone either.


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