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You’ve peeked into empty cupboards with Noah and me. You’ve devoured whoopie pies with us. You chillaxed against the warm internet fire next to us and slowly picked apart some crazy cinnamon rolls. And, you’ve giggled along side me with Noah and his little frosting incident.

And while we’ve all been hanging having fun, I’ve gained like five pounds. And I blame Pillsbury. I was doing so good on my diet until they came along and paid me to bake with my kid. Problem is, I didn’t just bake what they paid me to bake. We’ve been having so much fun doing it, that Noah and I have been baking all sorts of other Pillsbury things. And due to “that time of the year,” I haven’t really got my exercise routine in check. It’s just not a good combination.

Anyway, I’m kinda sad. This is my last Pillsbury post. <sniff sniff>. And maybe for a good reason. See… baking isn’t exactly my strong suit. And today I *might* have broken the bakers’ code.

As we have each week, Noah and I went to the supermarket and I let Noah choose anything Pillsbury product he wanted. This week a big box of Milk Chocolate brownies caught his eye. I asked him if he wanted frosting, he said no. I told him Dad really wanted frosting. He still said no. I told him Dad really, really, really, really, really wanted some frosting on his brownies, and Noah finally agreed.


Brownies without frosting? I don’t know if I could really enjoy them that way. Frosting is the bomb-diggity-dong.

So, we came home loaded with brownie mix, frosting, and a bag of pecans (cause Dad really likes nuts on his brownies, too.)

But before we got started, Noah and I had a little debate over whose turn it was to listen to their songs on the iPod. We couldn’t agree, so I introduced Noah to the concept of flipping a coin. He picked heads. Heads it was. And he did an awesome little dance to show me how excited he was.

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