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Wow. 2012 was an amazing year for me.

When the year started, I was facing a few challenges, but I was also in a pretty great place in life. My blog had just had its two most successful months ever, and things were aligned to the point that I could go in pretty much any direction I liked.

Physically I was in pretty good shape, but I definitely needed to drop those few extra holiday pounds and I needed to bump up my workout routine to full-swing again. I did just that and starting in January I snow-shoed, hiked, and skied my way to the best health of my life. By the time I turned 32 in May, I felt better than I had in years.

Noah made it through the year without any major health problems and with only minor scrapes and bruises. Though he tested his independence more, he also proved his incredible heart and spirit throughout the year, particularly as he entered kindergarten and quickly found new friends and became a valuable addition to his class. I was a damn good dad to Noah this year, and I feel like I made big improvements with my time-management as a single parent and with my knee-jerk reactions that I sometimes have when parenting. The relationship that Noah and I have right now is stronger than ever.

I met and started dating an incredible and beautiful woman earlier this year. I never really understood how another person could be “perfect” for me, but she is. She loves me for the person that I am, imperfections and all. She gets my humor. She understands me. We have had a few differences, but there is something beautiful and strong about our relationship that has made those differences insignificant and beautiful.

I strengthened my relationship with my best friends, and also with some new friends that I made toward the end of 2011. My relationship with my family has never been better. There seems to be a real respect for each other and our beliefs that has gotten better and better the last couple years.

I started and finished writing a new novel and just handed it over to my agent who is very excited about how it turned out. I’m kind of excited too, because I think it turned out better than I could have hoped.

I have been very blessed this year financially. Traffic on the blog was great, especially thanks to those few posts during the year that were really well-received. I also launched Dumbubble, my friend’s and my new blog that I’ve been working on for the past year, and not only did people love it, it spread really quickly.

I won’t lie. I loved the way I started 2012. I felt for the first time that I wasn’t being pushed or influenced by the voices of others in anything that I did. For the first time in my life, I was really living my life for me and for my son, not for anybody else. And it felt great. Throughout the year, I learned some valuable lessons about who I am, what I believe, and who I want to be. I feel like I’m starting 2013 even stronger than I started 2012.

Wow. 2012 was an amazing year for me. How was it for you?

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Have the guts to write out your own “this is what happened in 2012” response and post it in the comments below?

I’m a big believer in positive thinking making great things happen. I am a believer in thinking about the future as if it is already the past, and what that does for each of us. That’s what this post is today. 🙂

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