As a warning… only those who have used or do use twitter will find this post funny or interesting. Everybody else will wonder what the heck I’m talking about. #OhWell.

That being said, you all might enjoy the challenge at the end.



As of writing this post, that’s how many people are currently following me on twitter. And you know what? I have been a bad tweep (twitter peep) to those awesome people who depend on me for those tiny bursts of entertainment and giggles. For the most part, I have ignored all my twitter friends. I have been lazy and done nothing but set automatic tweets on my posts that do nothing but share links to my blog posts when I write them.

Sure I’ve had a few micro-bursts of Twitter activity. I’ve even responded to a few of you here and there. But I have been selfish in my snarkiness and my wittiness and my playful banter (which is what Twitter is all about) and for that I #apologize.

And so, I hereby declare to all my tweeps. Yes, all 7,016 of you. From here on out, I will tweet if it kills me.

Haha. The truth is. I love twitter. And I love tweeting. And I love the crazy waste of time it is.

And I know. I’ve said it before. I’ve made promises before.

But this time, I mean it. #RepeatedPromisesAreAlwaysSoSolid.

In fact, I’m so dedicated to it this time, that I spent the last two hours coming up with some of the funniest, lamest, snarkiest, and downright awesomest tweets ever. #DontHoldMeToThatStandard. I scheduled them in advance, and I’ve set aside a certain time each day to tweeting others. I won’t tell you when. #ItMightBeOnTheJohn.

Be nice. #EverybodyDoesIt.

So, here’s my challenge to me. And you. First, follow me on twitter if you are a twitterer (#WowThatPassedSpellCheck) so that we can have fun together. My user name is @danoah.

Second, leave a comment below with one word and one word only. Make it a noun. It can be anything. Person. Place. Thing. Idea.

Third, I will take on the challenge to use every word that is left here today and use it in a funny tweet at some point in the near future. Somehow. Someway. I don’t care if there are three hundred comments. I’ll make it happen. Well, unless it’s a word that is foul or against my message.

I really need to get the funny part of my brain working again. It seems that ever since the last heavy/viral post (which I won’t even mention cause I am officially declaring it to have lived its full and fruitful life) I’ve been lacking in the #FunnyIsMoreFunSometimes department.

I used to be able to look at just about anything and see something humorous in it. Time to #TweakMyThinker if you know what I’m saying.

See you beneath the wings of #TheLittleBlueBird.

Dan Pearce, #SingleDadLaughing

PS. If you’re new to twitter, don’t worry. The only tweets you’ll see from me are those that don’t start with another tweep’s user name. If you follow me you don’t need to worry about being inundated with every tweet I send out to anybody. A lot of people don’t know that so they get scared away from twitter before they ever really get into it.

Twitter is fun. Everybody get on board and try it out!

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