In mid-November I published a piece that I had been working on for more than a year called I’m Christian, unless you’re gay. Since then, I have received quite a few emails from people suggesting I record a live reading of it, most of whom thought it would be a good vessel for sending the message to people who “don’t like reading.” Of course I had mixed thoughts on this for two reasons. One, I really don’t want reading to become a lost skill. And two, I don’t want this post to become a dead horse that I continually beat on.

But then two things changed my mind.

First, a friend of mine read me a couple paragraphs from the post that had meant the most to her. And while it sounded fine, the way she read it sounded completely different than the way it sounded to me when I wrote it and would later read it. And that made me realize that with more than four million people having read it now, it may have come across four million different ways, and for all I know, nobody ever will know what it sounds like to me when I wrote it.

Second, I thought about my son. And then I thought about the fact that I could get hit by a bus tomorrow or a meteor next week. And if I disappear, it would be nice if he had more than just words on a computer screen to remember his dad’s legacy by.

So, I made a few minor tweaks to make it sound better out-loud, and I sat down and made a recording of it. I hope it demonstrates what I feel whenever I read it and what I really meant when I wrote it. I hope it gives you a better understanding of the message. I hope it touches you in fresh ways. And with that… I’m Christian, unless you’re gay – A Live Reading by Dan Pearce.

And please, share this page or the video with those you know. Here’s a link to the video itself:

After recording it, I let a few Facebook friends view it in order to give me feedback, and I received the following message from one of them…

…from a practical viewpoint: My husband is dyslexic. Because of this, your longer blog posts don’t always get finished when he attempts to read them, because it is just too hard for him. He got up while I was watching this ¬†and he got so excited, it was cute. Then he asked me to ask you to make a video of “Congratulations, you broke your child” (he has tried, multiple times, he just can’t make it through that post). So, assuming you get a positive response from this video perhaps you would consider doing videos of maybe your top ten posts? I am sure that those that follow you that have learning disabilities would appreciate/benefit from this. I understand that you are extremely busy, but food for thought. You would be doing a service.

It was something I hadn’t thought of before. Some people have a hard time reading not because they’re lazy or because they’re part of “that generation” but because the words are literally difficult to put together due to reading challenges or disorders. For that reason, I see real value in recording some of the most popular posts as live readings.

So, over the next little while I plan to record at least the top four or five posts that I’ve published in the past. Maybe a few more depending on how those goes. In the future, I’ll do the recordings very quickly if I ever have another post go viral.

So what do you think after watching the live reading? Is it the same as the way you read it or did it come through differently? Did you understand the meaning of anything I wrote differently?

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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