So, the cute baby picture contest just ended (and by just, I mean three months ago). Nearly 600 of the most spectacularly funny, cute, and pissed off babies had me laughing for hours while I sorted through and edited my favorites for today’s post. When I was done, I had 223 that I couldn’t live without. Then I somehow slashed that down to 174. And then eventually I gritted my teeth and got it down to 150 even.

The problem is, I LOVE BABIES. And every single one of the pics I wanted to keep and share in an SDL post. But let’s be honest… 600 pictures… that’s a lot to sort through as a reader.

So, I made five afternoon posts when the contest ended, with 30 of my favorites in each one. Problem is, I never did the fifth and final because of the I’m Christian, unless you’re gay post and its aftermath. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Every single one I found myself narrating or giving my voice to the baby. So, I might as well continue that here!

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Which were your favorites and what did they make you think of? Did you laugh as hard as I did? I swear, baby pics have the power to pull anybody out of the worst mood ever.

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