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When Noah was last with his little blonde-haired cute-as-an-English button cousin Amelia, Uncle Eric took them to the corner-shop in England and purchased all the essentials for some rice crispy treat making fun. Rice crispies, smarties, marshmallows, and butter.

I sat over at the kitchen table, watching the fun unfold, trying not to butt into Uncle Eric time. Noah and Amelia had become best pals in our short time across the pond, and they were convinced that this task was the perfect activity for a perfect day of awesomeness.

The three of them carefully measured the ingredients, melted the mixture, and stirred the sugary goo in with the rice Crispies.

“Don’t eat the rice crispy treats yet!” I heard Uncle Eric say. Then he turned his back.

And they ate some of the rice crispy treats.

“Don’t eat them yet!” he said as he spun back around and noticed their chomping little mouths. We’ve gotta moosh them into the pan and let them get hard.

Then he went to find a good mooshing spoon.

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