First of all, thanks a lot Taylor Swift for canceling the interview. You were way up the list of people I wanted to meet that weekend. Oh well. Someday. Someday…

As you’ll remember from yesterday’s post, I went to a press junket for The Lorax toward the beginning of February. Today I wanted to share parts of the group interviews we had with the talent and creators.

Now, I’m kind of a geek. Just sayin’. And when I go to these things, I’m usually more excited to hear from the directors and producers or the writers than I am the talent. It really fascinates me what drives people to make certain films, what drives them to make them the way they do, and then what drives them to a McDonald’s drive-through for a grilled chicken snack wrap when they get hungry.

Sorry, I’ve got food on the brain. Back to the post.

So, we got to interview Chris Meledandri (producer) and Chris Renaud (director). It was a great interview. The fun things about our roundtable of parent bloggers is that it’s usually more of a discussion than an interview. A couple things I thought were interesting.

After screening the movie, several of us got into a discussion of why it was rated PG instead of G. None of us could really see anything in it that was inappropriate for children. None of us thought it would be too much for any of our children of any age. So why PG instead of G? Somebody asked this to the Chris & Chris so that we could settle the score once and for all. Melandandri’s replied that it was as much a mystery to them as it was to us.

Before the interviews, we had also gotten into a discussion of the music. None of us knew from watching previews that it was a musical, and most of us were very pleasantly surprised. It was brought up at the interview, and Melandandri talked about how important the music was to Dr. Seuss when he did The Grinch, and how they really wanted to do Seuss right.

I can’t tell you how happy I was with the music in this film. There is a big part of me that is sad at the general disappearance of music in not just children’s movies but in movies in general. I often wish that my kid was growing up with the movies from 20-40 years ago. This movie gives me hope that modern technology can still mix with the old (awesome) ways of doing things.

Anyway, after the writers (which I told you about yesterday) and the directors/producers, we got to interview a pretty amazing cast. Danny DeVito, Ed Helms (Andy from the Office), Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Betty White, and Rob Riggle.

I won’t go into every interview. That would take way too long, so I’ll hit the highlights that I thought were notable.


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